How to become an immigration lawyer - lawyer Guide

How to become an immigration lawyer:  step by step instructions to turn into a migration legal advisor: Immigration legal counselors are the individuals who handle a wide assortment of cases for their customers, including getting citizenship, safeguarding against extradition, acquiring a foreigner or occupant visa, and so forth. These lawyers deal with a set of laws that decide whether to allow a visitor to enter. Country, duration of travel, purpose, etc. Through such laws, it becomes easy to monitor migrants to ensure that they behave according to the laws of the country and abstain from illegal activities.

Immigration lawyers work in law firms, either as an independent private practice, as a partner in the office, or as a public official. Becoming an immigration attorney is not an easy task. This requires excellent communication skills and in-depth knowledge of various immigration policies.

How to become an immigration lawyer - lawyer Guide

Responsibilities of an immigration lawyer

  1. Perform technical tasks such as immigration procedures and presentation of motions.
  2. For example, to handle client duties, provide legal advice, and appear in court.
  3. Collect data, research, and analysis for each case.
  4. Take a closer look at the demographic sanctity of a country and exclude uncontrolled migration from foreign lands.
  5. Provide advice on matters such as counseling, visa applications, citizenship, naturalization, employment for non-citizens, and deportation matters.

Eligibility to become an immigration lawyer

To become an immigration lawyer, an interested lawyer must meet certain conditions. Below are the eligibility criteria that are all the main requirements for an immigration lawyer.

1. Educational Qualification

  1. The candidate must have completed at least a graduate-level degree in law.
  2. A certificate in immigration law helps in gathering field-specific education.
  3. Students who have completed a Juris Doctor degree are also suitable for the profile.

2. Skill Set

  1. Attention to Details
  2. Strong Communication Skills
  3. A Thirst For Knowledge
  4. Perseverance
  5. Creative Problem Solving
  6. Patience
  7. Rational Approach
  8. Critical Thinking

3. Work Experience

Temporary jobs with law offices or with pertinent government offices that have practical experience in migration issues can support up the odds of finding a decent line of work

Immigration Attorney Program

With more and more students choosing to continue their higher education abroad, the scope of work of an immigration lawyer has increased manifold. Applicants may pursue a short-term certification course in immigration law in specific areas or they may earn a Bachelor of Legislative Law (LLB).

To take a course in immigration law, candidates can consider top universities like ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad, Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore, Sanskrit University, Mathura, Amity University, Lucknow, and Mansarovar Global University (MGU, Sehore). For admission-related assistance, please contact our admissions experts by dialing the toll-free helpline number 1800-572-9877 or completing the Common Application Form.

Types of immigration lawyer jobs

  1. Immigration lawyer
  2. Legal advice
  3. legal assistant
  4. Law professor
  5. Administrative law judge
  6. Transfer of attorney
  7. Corporate lawyer
  8. Real Estate Attorney

Labor / Industry Sector for Immigration Lawyer

With the increasing demand for immigration lawyers, many industries are actively hiring for job profiles. An immigration attorney works in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Many non-government immigration lawyers also work on policy with employers' associations, nonprofits, and similar entities. They work in the embassy and also provide services in the immigration office.

Books and study material to become an immigration lawyer

  1. Summarized by David S. Immigration Law and Procedure Wisebrod
  2. The Infrastructure of Immigration Law by Richard A. Boswell
  3. LexisNexis Immigration Law Handbook
  4. Immigration and Citizenship: David Martin, Hiroshi Motomura and T. by Alexander Elenikoff. Process and Politics
  5. Immigration law by Kevin brown

Benefits of becoming an immigration lawyer

  1. An immigration lawyer can explore many areas of employment and occupation.
  2. The learning process for an immigration lawyer never stops. They continue to impart new skills and knowledge along the way.
  3. Immigration lawyers receive many advantages and benefits. They receive financial and emotional rewards based on their performance.

Opposition to become an immigration attorney

  1. There are no set hours and an immigration lawyer may have to work long hours.
  2. Work is stressful because it requires constant concentration. Indeed, even a little misstep with respect to a movement legal advisor can have outcomes.

Frequency Asked Questions

Q. What is the scope of an immigration lawyer in India?

With globalization, the world has become a little spot. Due to the increasing immigration of people from abroad to India, it is important to implement some laws which help in maintaining the conduct and behavior of the people. The immigration law is far-reaching in India because it helps organize and record the movement of people from other countries.

Q. How much does an immigration lawyer make on average?

On average, an immigration officer makes 5.32,860 per year.

Q. Are immigration lawyers and legal advisors the same?

No, an immigration lawyer represents the client in court and also provides immigration advice. However, a legal advisor only gives official advice on legal matters, documents, and decisions.

Q.Can I pursue LLB to be an immigration lawyer?

Yes, LLB can be an excellent course option for those who want to become an immigration lawyer.

Q. What other professional profiles can I consider as an immigration lawyer?

Other job profiles close to the immigration attorney are legal advisor, legal assistant, law professor, administrative law judge, corporate lawyer, transfer lawyer, real estate lawyer, etc.

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